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Classy Gorilla Singing Telegrams

Make your next birthday, anniversary, or other event unforgettable

Do you remember what you received for your birthday last year? Two years ago? Five years? Unlike most gifts that are quickly forgotten, left to gather dust on a shelf or in a closet, or never even taken out of the box, a singing telegram offers the gift of a memory that will last forever. Not only will the recipient have a great memory, but so will all of the coworkers, friends, family, or complete strangers who are there to witness the look on their face.

Choosing the right Singing Telegram

Like any other gift, the more thought you put into your singing telegram, the better the result. Is it for the sort of person who would rather be surprised at home, at work, or at the restaurant where you’re having your celebratory dinner? Would they most like a sweet romantic ballad, a hot pop song, or a funny parody? Whether they laugh, cry, and hide from embarrassment is all up to you. Choose wisely!

Choosing the right Singing Telegram Company

Just as important as choosing the right song and location is choosing the right person to deliver your song. Look around online - read reviews, look at pictures and videos if available, and compare prices. Don’t be afraid to ask questions directly - the right company should work with you to make your event the best it can be. My personal suggestions is Classy Gorilla Singing Telegrams - five star rated, and based on my price research, will save you $50 or more compared to other companies in the area. Check it out!